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Voice Recognition & Voice Interactive Products

System Control for the 21st Century

The world's most advanced voice control technology lets consumers tell their product what to do — without lifting a finger! Seting the standard for voice-operation, Innotech's advanced voice synthesis can even talk consumers through system set up and operation.

Accenda Voice Control for iPod

Accenda Voice Control for iPod TELL your iPod what to do... without lifting a finger! The ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod adds hands-free operation to all of the most popular iPod models.

Just plug your existing earbuds or headphones into the ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL for iPod, plug the cable into the iPod dock connector, and you are ready to TELL your iPod what to do. No set up is required! The tiny (1½") lightweight ACCENDA VOICE CONTROL may be hung around your neck or clipped to your clothing and is powered by the iPod itself.   more>>

Accenda Remote Control

Accenda Voice Operated Remote ControlThe Accenda Remote Control uses the sound of your voice to control your TV, VCR, Cable Box, Satellite Dish and your DVD Player! Accenda converts your spoken words into infrared remote control signals using proven, accurate, voice recognition technology.

Accenda can recognize up to 50 commands and is so automated it can perform even complex operations (such as turning on your TV and VCR, turning your television to channel 3 and telling your VCR to begin playing a tape) from a single spoken command!   more>>

SurfBoard Remote Control

SurfBoard Voice Operated Remote ControlThe Revolutionary Voice-Interactive Remote Control That Makes Channel Surfing Easier Than Ever... And More Fun!

Designed to look great on your coffee table and feel great in your hand, the SurfBoard Remote control makes your channel surfing more fun than a day at the beach. Use like any remote with the  large, ergonomic buttons, or hands free with just the sound of your voice.  The SurfBoard will respond to your voice right out of the box!  more >>

Sunshine Alarm Clock

Sunshine Alarm ClockThe alarm clock that speaks and listens!  Using Innotech's advanced speech recognition technology, the alarm clock not only responds to voice commands, it even allows you to record voice messages for alarms and reminders. 

With three independent alarms, multiple sound effects, voice memos, and even built-in TV on/off control, the Sunshine Alarm Clock is ideal for bedroom, kitchen, and even offices.  more >>

Kelvin Thermostat

Kelvin Voice Interactive ThermostatWith the KELVIN Talking Thermostat, comfort is never out of reach. The unique KELVIN Talking Thermostat uses voice-interactive programming and voice feedback, making it ideal or anyone who has difficulty seeing and programming a standard thermostat.  more >>

Custom Voice Product Design

Why control your 21st-century system with yesterday's old-fashioned push-button technology? Drive your sales with a modern voice-interactive design from Innotech Systems.  more >>


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