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Universal Infrared Remote Control From Any PC

SpitFIRE Remote ControlThe Innotech Systems SpitFIRE III turns an ordinary PC into a powerful state-of-the-art entertainment control system!

The SpitFIRE III controls virtually all entertainment devices directly from a PC.  The SpitFIRE III converts data words from your computer's serial or USB port into infrared remote control signals.

The SpitFIRE III includes a comprehensive library of entertainment remote control codes for the highest possible coverage of consumer products. In addition, the SpitFIRE III can learn new codes so that your control system is never out-dated.  The learned codes can be used to add virtual buttons to an entertainment device already in the library, or to add new devices. Learned codes are stored in non-volatile memory for permanent storage, even with the power removed.

The SpitFIRE III includes a convenient front panel mounted infrared diode and IR detector. Two mini-phone plugs permit the use of mini stick-on IR emitters or IR blasters for maximum flexibility.

The small (3.35" x 5.25") SpitFIRE III may be situated behind or near the PC.

The SpitFIRE is available from:

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Driver and Documentation Downloads

SpitFIRE III User Guide
SpitFIRE III Setup Software
SpitFIRE III Library
SpitFIRE III USB Drivers
SpitFIRE III Sample Code

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