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OEM Products

Known for its product and technology innovations for over 15 years, Innotech Systems has grown into one of the world's leading suppliers of remote control and voice-interactive components, products and technologies.

Innotech Systems can provide the wireless, remote control, or voice-interactive solution you need whether it is a completely boxed and documented product ready to ship, a module, an integrated circuit, an engineering design, or licensed intellectual property.

Remote Controls

Innotech Systems offers a broad range of off-the-shelf standard and "customizable" remote controls for low-to-medium volume applications.  These include hand-held remote controls, the Innotech Systems SpitFIREtm that turns an ordinary PC into a powerful state-of-the-art home entertainment control system, and the voice operated Accendatm, and SurfBoardtm Remote Controls, the pinnacle of today's hand held remote control systems.

If your volume requirements are higher, we can develop a completely custom remote control system for you using conventional push-button and touchscreen technologies. 

Voice-Interactive Products

Ever since we pioneered the concept of the voice-operated remote control, Innotech Systems has been a technology leader in embedded voice-controlled and voice-interactive systems.

The world's most advanced voice control technology lets users tell their products what to do... without lifting a finger! Our advanced voice systhesis can even talk consumers through system set up and operation. No user manual required!

Integrated Circuits

Innotech Systems' remote control integrated circuits are available prepackaged or in die form for the lowest possible manufacturing cost.  Integrated circuits include serial I/O versions for computerized applications and keyboard input versions for hand-held remote controls. Integrated circuits include the acclaimed Innotech universal remote controller library which is unequaled and is continually updated as new consumer systems are brought to market. Through the use of proprietary compression algorithms, Innotech can provide remote control micro-controllers with the most complete consumer product coverage available today!

Modules are available for small volume requirements and prototyping.

InfraRed Library Licensing

If you are building your own control system, ISI will license its Infrared control library to you. The ISI library includes codes for over 10,000 TV, VCR, satellite, audio, DVR, DVD, and cable box models. The library is constantly enhanced as new consumer electronic products are brought to market. Your licensing of the library includes a customized interface module.

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