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If you are building your own control system, set top box, media player, or remote control you can enhance your system by licensing Innotech System's acclaimed Infrared remote control code library. Covering over 98% of the world’s home entertainment systems, the library includes codes for over 10,000 consumer electronic devices.  The library is constantly enhanced as new consumer products are brought to market.

The robust library allows manufacturers of set-top boxes, television accessories and home theater equipment to build low-cost feature-rich universal remote controls, or embed user-friendly entertainment system control into their own "set-top boxes," multimedia TV's and other entertainment products.  Innotech has licensed this library to industry leaders throughout the world.

Innotech's infrared remote control code library is available for both North America and Europe.  Library categories include:


● TV
● Cable
● Tape

● Satellite
● Audio
● CD
● Home Automation

The Innotech Systems IR database is available in the form of pre-programmed ICs and software. Innotech will customize a library and interface to fit your exact needs. You specify the categories (TV, DVD, DVR, CBL, SAT, etc) and button-set (numbers, power, transport, navigation, etc) that you need and we will compile your library.

When supplied in software, Innotech will supply an Application Program Interface (API) written in a portable language such as C or C++ that you can compile into your system.

The Innotech API/Library has been ported to a wide variety of hardware and OS platforms.

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