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Design Services

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Make us part of your team, and we’ll bring your ideas to reality. Affordably and on time.
Our design team has the experience and know-how to let you bring your ideas to market. Fast.

Using the latest design tools, our unique intellectual property, and our project management experience, we will bring your idea through every stage of the development process from product concept through industrial, system, electronic, mechanical, and software design.

Our off-shore manufacturing affiliates can then produce your product at the lowest possible cost. 

Next Generation Technologies... Today

Innotech Systems has unexcelled expertise in the very latest consumer technologies including Voice Recognition, Voice and Music Synthesis, Infrared and RF Wireless Remote Control, and User Interfacing.

Bringing embedded hands-free control to the ultimate in its evolution, Innotech has become a technology leader in embedded voice control systems. The world's most advanced voice control technology lets users tell your product what to do — without lifting a finger! Our advanced voice synthesis can even talk consumers through system set up and operation.

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