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Innotech Systems Inc. has been a premiere supplier of remote control products for over fifteen years, earning a worldwide recognition as one of the world’s foremost leaders in wireless control technology.

Innotech’s designs include specialty remote controls that are among the most popular remote control models of all time as well as conventional remote controls and receivers used in the most advanced consumer and commercial applications by some of the most prestigious names in consumer electronics.

Innotech pioneered a completely new remote control "category" with the first reliable, user friendly, and affordable voice operated remote control. Using technology so advanced that it has been used in an interplanetary space probe, this remote control let users tell their products what to do — without lifting a finger!

Enormously successful, the remote control was featured on such television programs as the "Can you Believe It" product information series (broadcast on CBS News affiliates around the nation), on "Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser," and others.

As soon as this first voice operated remote control reached retailers, Innotech began receiving calls from elderly and visually impaired consumers asking it to expand the concepts of this remote control to a series of products that could meet their special needs. Innotech soon recognized that most consumers — not just those with physical impairments — were looking for something better than conventional remote controls and similar consumer products, which are designed to be attractive, feature rich, and glitzy, but not necessarily user-friendly.

The first of their new product family was the revolutionary ACCENDA Remote Control that finally made using a remote control as easy as it should be — for everybody.

Then, bringing embedded hands-free control to the ultimate in its evolution, Innotech created its innovative voice-interaction technology, which not only listens, but even talks consumers through system set up and operation.

Innotech’s voice interactive product line now includes voice-interactive alarm clocks, kitchen timers, remote controls, thermostats and iPod voice control. These products have received numerous accolades, including being featured on the TODAY show and receiving the prestigious 2007 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Innovations Design and Engineering Award.


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